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Miscellaneous Updates

I was starting to have issues building the old theme due to out of date dependencies, so it was time for a fresh coat of paint for this place. Plus, I applied a few more bonus changes and improvements. Hopefully I managed all that with no broken links…

All over content was carried over at its original URLs; since the caching policies for this server are pretty high, you may continue to see the “old” version of the site on some pages for quite some time. Please let me know via email if you notice any broken links or pages.

You’ll notice at the bottom of basically all posts are little comment boxes. These are powered by utteranc.es which is basically enslaved GitHub Issues. Yes, this means you need a GitHub account to post comments, but considering I write about dumb computer stuff, most of y’all have an account. (In any case, feel free to shoot me an email regardless. It’s nice to know actual people read this thing, even if it is in the form of hate mail.)

Lastly, there’s been a few tweaks to the RSS feed. It should be slightly less broken. In addition, if RSS feeds and readers aren’t your thing, you can sign up to get an email digest of any new posts.

That’s it for today. I’ve got some Cool and Good™ 68komputer stuff planned for the next few weeks, assuming I can finally manage to finalize the hardware.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 .

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