Programmable Load Updates

After a much-needed vacation, I’m back to working on my programmable load. Time to remember what parts worked and which didn’t for the inevitable ∞th revision.

Baby's First Programmable Load

After trying to burn my place down one time too many, it’s time to retire my pile of power resistors for testing power supplies in favour of a fancy digital programmable load. Except obviously, I’m going to build it myself, and overengineer it to hell and back.

Task Failed Successfully

With the first revision of the 68komputer boards and the required parts finally in hand, I spent the holidays (inside, in the warmth) assembling one. While it didn’t completely work, it also wasn’t a complete exercise in futility and a waste of time.

It's not dead… somehow

Despite what the general silence on this topic might imply, quite a few things have changed in the land of 68komputer since the last time I wrote about it. For one, there’s completely new hardware based around a 68000 with a full 16-bit data path. And, a boot ROM and firmware that’s a bit more… inviting.

Miscellaneous Updates

I was starting to have issues building the old theme due to out of date dependencies, so it was time for a fresh coat of paint for this place. Plus, I applied a few more bonus changes and improvements. Hopefully I managed all that with no broken links…

Emulashione: A Multi-System Emulator

For a while, I’ve wanted to write a Mega Drive emulator, the original goal of this project. Pretty quickly it became apparent that it would be not significantly more work to build a generic system-agnostic emulator instead – either way I started from scratch – called Emulashione: the emulation framework with the nonsensical name.

Cooperative Multithreading for Fun & Profit

Cooperative multitasking was the staple of early operating systems – as were system lockups due to poorly programmed applications not yielding control of the processor. While modern systems instead implement preemptive multitasking to sidestep these issues, cooperative multitasking still shines in certain applications.

Reverse Engineering Bluetooth Vapes 2: Electric Boogaloo

After only forgetting I have a blog for a month (which is a record low… who knows, maybe we’ll get under the month mark soon) I finally got around to cleaning up and publishing my findings on the Pax Bluetooth protocol. If the idea of writing xblaze appeals to you, read on.

Reverse Engineering Bluetooth Vapes

For quite a while, I’ve had a Pax 3, a Bluetooth LE-connected vape. It’s a great device, but the iOS app leaves a lot to be desired. Finally, I had enough and decided to set out to figure out how their communication protocol works; with the end goal of implementing my own app to control it.